Loads of suppliers for all kinds of bookbinding related stuff are listed here on the Society of Bookbinders website -




Our favourite suppliers are:-


General Bookbinding stuff


  • Shepherds - www.bookbinding.co.uk
  • J Hewit & Sons - http://www.hewit.com/
  • Ratchfords -  https://ratchford.co.uk/

Paper & Card


  • Patercutz - https://papercutz.co.uk/
  • Rapid Online - https://www.rapidonline.com/catalogue/search?Query=paper&Tier=Art%20%26%20Craft%20Papers



  • 6cm paint roller sets for PVA/Paste https://www.greatart.co.uk/paint-roller-set.html or 
  • 6cm paint roller handle http://www.decoratingdirect.co.uk/viewprod/f/FDDFMR2/
  • paint tray for 6cm handle http://www.decoratingdirect.co.uk/viewprod/a/ADPPT4/
  • 50mm foam refill sleeves for 6cm handle http://www.decoratingdirect.co.uk/viewprod/f/FDDMRF/



  • Diall paint brushes don't shed hairs, pick up & distribute pva or paste really well and come in many different sizes, both rounded and flat ones. They are very good value too. Available in B&Q. You want the blue handled ones, like this one. https://www.diy.com/departments/diall-paint-brush-w-1-15/1600739_BQ.prd?rrec=true#icamp=recs