Working with Magnets


Magnets offer exciting new opportunities to book artists, binders and box makers. Displayed as part of the design or discreetly hidden under covering material, they can hold things closed, or hold them open or even keep things in place.

SOB Western Region

Truro College for BiC September 2016

SOB East Anglian Region April 2018

Book Structures based on

Concertinas (1)

The concertina (aka accordion or leporello) book is one of the earliest book structures, particularly in the far east. Learn different methods for making the perfect concertina and when to use them. Make several books exploring the use of the concertina as an integral part of the structure as pages, guards, support, or basis for folded structures.

Truro College for BiC June 2013

Dillington House September 2017

Book Structures based on Concertinas (2)

Continuing on from Part 1 exploring more complicated structures.

Truro College for Bic June 2014

Dillington House September 2017

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